Advisor Benefits

Our travel Advisors earn a commission from partner brands on each trip they sell, but the profession is so much more rewarding than that. When you become an Advisor with InteleTravel, you’ll find joy in building unique experiences for your friends, family, and followers while growing your own passion for travel, education, and personal development—not to mention your business. 

Part-time passion.
Full-time career.
Anytime you want.

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Benefits of becoming a travel advisor

Our travel Advisors have found that booking travel isn’t just about setting up a side hustle. It’s a way to develop new skills and apply the ones you already have. It’s a way to discover new places to travel. It’s a way to connect with family and friends as well as others that share their passion.

The freedom and flexibility you need in your life

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No quotas to meet

This can be a full-time career opportunity, or a side interest that pays.


No minimum requirements to join

This is not a gym membership. No long-term contracts. Stop whenever you want for any reason. 

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You can book travel for your clients as often or as little as you like!

Some advisors work every day, while others book on weekends or during their free time.

Get started right away

Interact with other advisors, share experiences, and learn more about the travel industry as soon as you join.

You earn a commission on every sale

Booking with InteleTravel does not cost your travellers anything extra.
No matter where a trip is booked, the commission is built into the public price, whether the travel is booked through an Advisor or directly with the supplier. Typically, commissions from suppliers range from 10% to 28% of the travel purchase. Once you become a travel Advisor, InteleTravel pays 70% to 80% of those commissions to you.


International Flights

Average Commission

5% - 10%



Average Commission

10% - 18%


Hotels & Resorts

Average Commission

8% - 15%


Car Rentals

Average Commission

5% - 10%

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Average Commission

25% - 28%



Average Commission

12% - 16%



Average Commission

10% - 12%


Event Tickets

Average Commission

10% - 12%


Your sister buys a family vacation for 3


Overall Commission (14%)


Your Commission
(70% of €282)


A friend purchases a cruise for 2


Overall Commission (16%)


Your Commission
(70% of €287)


Calculate your potential earnings*

Commission ()

Your Commission (70%):

*Commissions are not calculated on taxes and other fees, and may be subject to industry standard adjustment by credit card processors and for technology or transaction costs. Commissions shown are examples and not a guarantee of income.

**Travel rates are subject to error, omission and change based on travel dates, availability and other industry factors.

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InteleTravel has the the friendliest, most knowledgeable folks in the industry! They provide a number of tools that make you a better advisor.

– Charlie Sexton, InteleTravel Advisor since 2012

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Technology that empowers your personal touch 

With so many choices, endless clicking, and automated responses travellers face today, even travel DIYers seek travel Advisors for the personal touch and their first-hand experience. 

Yet InteleTravel still incorporates cutting-edge technology to empower our human approach, and it's all free to Advisors:

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A user-friendly booking experience

Website icon

A personalized, customer-facing website

Social Media icon

Customisable marketing material built for all social media platforms

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Tools professionally designed to build your business

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An easy-to-use customer email marketing program

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Award-winning online educational programmes and live events

Our InteleTrust Guarantees

InteleTravel strongly believes that every Advisor who follows the programme can achieve their personal and professional success. We stand by that statement by offering these guarantees.

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100% "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee

For 30 years, InteleTravel has stood behind its unique programme and services and guaranteed the satisfaction of our customers unconditionally.

If you are dissatisfied with InteleTravel’s renowned Home-Based Travel Advisor Programme for any reason in your first 30 days after enrolment, simply cancel in writing during that time for a full 100% refund of enrolment fees paid to InteleTravel.

Important Requirements

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Profit Guarantee

InteleTravel’s unique Home-Based Advisor Programme is so easy, powerful, and fully supported, that we offer the only known Profit Guarantee for a home-based business!

If you do not earn and/or save more in your first year as an InteleTravel Advisor than it costs you in fees paid to InteleTravel, we will refund you the difference! 

Important Requirements

Advisor stories

A full-time career opportunity or a side passion that pays. Here are some real stories from Advisors. Learn how they have made InteleTravel work for them*.

*Results vary

Phil Whitehead headshot

“InteleTravel offers so much free training, and it's such a great resource: it really gives you confidence that you can be a successful agent."

Zonia Anderson-Bell headshot

“We’ve had so many suppliers come on board to work with us and the training we receive is phenomenal. I’m doing something or learning something every night!”

Paul Kelbie headshot

“If we can do this during lockdown, just think what it could be like when the restrictions are completely off and people really start traveling.”

Jacqueline Skurla headshot

“I want them to have the best experience possible, and to be able to recommend, from my own experience, some magical trips of their own.”

Charlie Sexton headshot

“InteleTravel has the the friendliest, most knowledgeable folks in the industry! They provide a number of tools that make you a better advisor.”

Christine Ciletti headshot

“I LOVE the freedom to arrange my own schedule. To be able to take time off to attend a daily Zumba Class, go to lunch with friends or even go on a cruise without having to ask permission for time off from my boss… I’m the Boss!”

Stephanie Thorpe headshot

“I was helping all my friends plan their Disney vacations and not making any money. I knew there had to be a way to get paid for doing all that planning.”

Mandy Goddard headshot

“InteleTravel is an opportunity to take one’s travel passion above and beyond anything ever anticipated!”

Tisha Spencer headshot

“I no longer feel like I can’t go somewhere due to lack of money, as between my commissions, and earning my booking incentives, I can literally go anywhere in the world.”

Start earning & saving

There’s a €169 one-time enrollment in order to become a travel advisor. Then it’s only €39 a month. You’ll earn and save more than what the travel you book actually costs.

Plus, our InteleTrust Guarantee ensures you’ll be profitable or your money back. (See our guarantees for important terms and conditions). And it’s easy to cancel your enrollment if you ever choose to do so.

Become an Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to the website?

Go to and click the Advisor Login in the top right to login area.

When will I receive my PIN/username?

You will receive an email confirmation of your enrollment within 24 hours that will include your PIN and a password for access to the Advisors Only section of the website. We also send a text-only email as a double measure.

Can I change my PIN and password?

A PIN cannot be changed. However, you can change your password to something more memorable, by selecting the My Profile link from the Advisors Only area of InteleTravel.

Are there any costs at all for the personalized travel websites?

No. No design or setup fees, which normally could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. No monthly hosting fees. So with these new personalized websites, you not only earn thousands, but you save thousands too.

What education resources are available through InteleTravel?

InteleTravel gives you access to many online courses, live events, respected industry organizations and other training resources (most of which are complimentary, or at a nominal fee paid to others). Remember, this is travel – and these are fun, experiential courses and events like seminars on cruise ships or theme dinner trade shows, not dry, boring classroom stuff. The more you learn, the more you earn.

How do I earn commissions?

Commissions on travel sales are paid to the independent travel advisor for bookings of airline tickets, cruises, hotels, car rentals, vacation and tour packages, travel insurance and more, with almost all suppliers worldwide, to nearly every destination in the world. Your customers can even go to your personalized InteleTravel website and do the booking themselves.

How much commission will I earn and when is it paid?

As a new advisor, you will be paid 70% of the commissions paid to for your bookings, with no sales quota or qualifications required. You can increase your share to 80% by achieving certain goals. Supplier commissions range from 8 to 25% of the travel purchase (not including taxes and fees), with most in the 10 to 15% range. Commissions may be subject to industry standard adjustment by credit card processors and for technology or transaction costs.

Do I have to take a test or take classes?

There is a simple video course you review, with basic quizzes after each YouTube-style short video, in total less than two hours of viewing. You are only required to view that course and read our training materials, which you can do in a few hours at home. However, highly encourages further travel education, and we give you access to many online courses, live events, respected industry organizations and other training resources (most of which are complimentary, or at a nominal fee paid to others).

Can I enroll someone else under my advisor account?

No. InteleTravel only allows one advisor per enrollment account.

What type of travel bookings can I make?

You as an InteleTravel Advisor can make all the same travel reservations that any traditional full time travel agent can…Airline flights, Cruises, Vacation Packages, Hotel and Car Rental Reservations, Tours, Travel Insurance and more.

How do I show that I’m an Independent Travel Advisor with InteleTravel?

When you register you will receive a Welcome email with the travel industry codes and identifiers necessary to work with most suppliers. In addition, we recommend you order official InteleTravel Independent Travel Advisor business cards, as a powerful marketing tool, and also because some travel industry partners may require you to have a professional business card to attend events or otherwise work with them. On occasion a partner may request a letter of verification from your host agency management at InteleTravel, which is available to all InteleTravel Advisors in good standing.

Can I cancel my enrollment?

Yes. You are not obligated to remain in our advisor program for any period of time. Unlike a health club or other memberships, you may leave whenever you like and stop paying any fees. For assistance, please contact