How It Works

In modern travel, Advisors are no longer luxuries but necessities. To craft an ideal getaway, you need to research several sites, price shop, and, most importantly, read all the fine legal print in hopes of getting it all right. Well, InteleTravel Advisors handle all those tasks for you. You’ll embark on a perfectly planned, safe vacation at a price you can afford. 

What does an Advisor do for you? 

  • Completes all the work associated with planning a vacation
  • Accesses exclusive deals and pricing (not made available to anyone else)
  • Travels extensively themselves to gain first-hand experience
  • Shares expertise about a wide array of destinations


Advisors’ commissions are paid by the hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and other travel providers—not the traveller.

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Enjoy a personalised travel experience.

You don't just want to visit a country. You want to explore it. 

You don't just want to sample the local cuisine. You want to experience it. 

You don't just want to stand at the tourist trap and smile for the camera. You want to immerse yourself in the culture. 

You don't just want sand to lay your towel on. You want to escape to a tropical paradise. 

Your Advisor doesn't just give you bragging rights over your friends and family. Your Advisor delivers memories to last a lifetime.  

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Step 1. Tell us more

Tell us a few details, and we'll match you with an InteleTravel Advisor who specializes in the type of travel you are looking for.

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Step 2. Get connected

Your Advisor will reach out to you when and however you prefer. They'll spend time getting to know you and your travel passions.

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Step 3. Build your dream vacation

Your Advisor will work WITH you and help deliver your perfect trip for whatever your travel needs are. 

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Step 4. Enjoy peace of mind

Book with confidence, and sleep easy. Your Advisor will get you the guaranteed lowest price available and doesn't stop working to provide assistance even after the sale.

Our Guarantee
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Step 5. Travel!

Finally, the fun part is here! Your Advisor will ensure you have everything you need before, during, and after your trip. (It's real people helping real people.)

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Step 6. Where to next?

InteleTravel Advisors pride themselves on stellar customer service, highly personalised recommendations, and clients who return to them again and again and again. So where will you go next?

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InteleTravel Advisors... 

  • Travel themselves, so they can share their first-hand experience
  • Stay educated with continuing certification programmes
  • Build relationships with all major travel brands to provide the best prices in the industry
  • Advocate for you if your travel plans change

Most importantly, they tailor trips to you!

They take the time to learn about your likes and dislikes (aisle seat or window seat, upmarket restaurant or local pub) to build the perfect trip. It’s a personalised, human booking experience that you just can’t replicate anywhere else online. 

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But don't take our word for it...

Read what other travellers who have worked with an InteleTravel Advisor have to say:

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"Prior to our cruise, our Advisor did extensive research to get us the best prices she could. It was a relief knowing she was there for us."

– Tamara S.

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"My advisor is always friendly, detailed, professional, and prompt in answering my inquiries and booking incredible trips."

– Tee B.

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"The process from beginning to end was flawless. All my calls were answered on the first ring, as were all emails."

– Zee D.

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"From flight to car rental, my InteleTravel Advisor handled it all! My trip went smoothly with no surprises."

– Eduado B.

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"My Advisor is on call at all times to assist in any way possible. Always a great experience!"

– Stephanie G.

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"This was my first-ever time using a travel agent, and I'll definitely be using her again in the future."

– Sabrina R.