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30 Years of Travel - InteleTravel Est. 1991Years ago, you couldn’t get involved in the travel industry unless you actually started your own agency, or worked for one as a traditional, full-time employee.

There wasn’t any type of part-time, home-based business opportunity available to the public.

However, plenty of people were passionate about travel and the lifestyle, as well as earning additional income. This is why InteleTravel, the original at-home travel and host agency, was established in 1991.

InteleTravel’s founder, Joseph R. Traina, aimed to create a new model of selling where anyone could sell travel remotely on their own time and from their own home. The idea that someone could earn a living every time family, friends, and other customers travelled was unheard of. 

InteleTravel firmly believed, and still believes, that it shouldn’t matter if someone already has a career or doesn’t know anything about travel; what’s important is how passionate they are about travel and helping others explore the world. Since InteleTravel’s development, a worldwide network of advisors who love travelling and guiding people through the travel planning process has formed. 

30 years after its founding, InteleTravel is the oldest and largest host agency in the world and one of the most respected leaders in the travel industry, winning awards and accolades year over year. 


We have Advisors representing in more than 20 countries, with 60,000+ Advisors worldwide.

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